Winter Journal: Traditions and DIY Hand colored dimensional photo framing

It’s time for family traditions . December 21st announces the beginning of Winter with the shortest hours of the daylight during the year. Gift giving season is here.

The lights of the season bring wonder to the night sky as we remember the star that guided the wise men and others to see the baby Jesus and the oil that burned for eight days while the temple was re-dedicated during the time of the Macabee’s.

Traditions of all kinds are happening in all the nearby river towns. Christmas trees are being light. Santa is arriving in all sorts of creative ways. Store windows look so inviting and remain open late. It’s fun bumping into friends out purchasing gifts. I’ve created a short video on Art & the Framer You Tube channel featuring scenes from the shire . Visit https:// At home I’ve freshened up pinecone wreaths I made from collecting cones and greenery while out walking with Ace. In the workroom ,I’m finishing up framing orders that will be special gift’s for customers and my own family.

I don’t know about you but often around these holiday gathering’s old family photo albums get pulled out . As we sit on the sofa and laugh or admire fashions and hairstyles from other times. Sometimes we arrive at a photo of a family member no one can identify and speculation with storytelling begins. It reminds us to label and carefully preserve these stories and family history for the future.

On Art & the Framer You Tube Channel I posted a free tutorial called “Hand colored dimensional family photo frame.” The tutorial takes you step by step thru the process to create a fun framing project using your family photo’s. A DIY photo frame/shadow box kit is available for purchase on our product’s page for use in this tutorial.

I hope you holiday’s are filled with hope, joy and peace. Until next time, Lisa