Autumn Journal: Harvest & Gather Together

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Are you amazed by the clockwork of nature in regard to the turning of the seasons? The last of the summer flower blooms are completing their cycle. Hickory, walnuts and acorns are dropping, goldenrod and native sunflowers spread over the fields . Persimmons are ripening. The last round of hay is being cut and left to dry before it’s gathered, Often minutes before on coming rain. The leaves are putting on their grand finale in vibrant color cascades. Starlings and other’s are beginning their annual migration. Squirrel’s are stocking up. Piebald and Albino pair shown below are planning their family. Friends and family begin to gather together in the fields and around the bonfire. As the day’s get shorter and we begin to turn inside for a few month’s rest. This is some of what’s happening here in “the shire.”

As I reflect on the season , Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8 comes to mind. The last few month’s have involved the themes touched on in this verse. Which pop up as a revolving door of deeper understanding to life’s promises and mysteries . This journey of faith, understanding and relationship with my God, Ya-weh , are at the root of what I see, hear and walk. I am so ever grateful for it as I try to take each day and try to reflect the goodness so graciously given to me. Hallelujah! As we begin to gather together I invite you to open your door into this journey. Love, Hope and Faith, Lisa